7 Times Daniel (Aka magic_fox) Rocked The Crisp White T Shirt

Yes, we've a man crush on him.

We're fan of Daniel (aka magic_fox on Instagram). We love the way how effortlessly he manages to carry simple basics and still look insanely dapper.

We won't lie, but we almost have a man crush on him. Everything he wears seems like he pulled each piece from his perfect capsule wardrobe.

We think every men can get inspiration from the way he dresses up. It's Simple, Crisp and Super Stylish.

So, we thought it would be great to share some of our favorite looks from his Instagram with you guys.

Do yourself a favor and follow him on Instagram right now. You won't regret, we promise!

1.Black Trouser + White T Shirt


2.Black Denim + White T Shirt


3.Navy Chinos + White T Shirt


4.Denim + White T Shirt


5.Grey Trousers + White T Shirt


6.Navy Chinos + Navy Blazer + White T Shirt


7. Black Jeans + Leather Jacket + White T Shirt


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