3D scanners are the future of bespoke tailoring


3D scanners that can take up to 120 measurements from different angles to improve the fit of your suit? Sign us up.

You’d have better chances of catching the Loch Ness monster that buying a perfectly fitted off-the-rack suit. There’s no escaping those trips to your tailor for constant readjustments… until now. Hong Kong-based tailor outlet Gay Giano have introduced 3D scanners to their tailoring process. In case you didn’t know, Hong Kong is known for churning out quality, custom suits at a fraction of the cost for bespoke suits from the UK or Europe. And with the dwindling number of tailors in Hong Kong, Gay Giano’s approach is more necessity than luxury.

Source: 3D scanners are the future of bespoke tailoring | GQ India | Section :- Look Good | Subsection :- Style & Fashion | Author :- Meryl D'souza | Embeds :- Text/Image | Covers :- Image (main column-width) | Publish Date:- 01-20-2016 | Type:- Story-editorial