21 Things Every Man Should Have in His Closet


We have your essentials covered.

Yves Saint Laurent once famously said, "Fashion fades; style is eternal." What he was getting at is that seasons come and seasons go, and with them plenty of desirable items, but certain things—a trench coat, a perfectly cut navy suit—aren't subject to the ever-changing tides of cyclical trends.

They're essentials for every man, and for good reason—it's the reason that images of Steve McQueen or Paul Newman look as relevant today as they did a few decades ago. Timeless, see?

Here, we've round-up those things that every man should have in his closet and two examples of each—one for the guy who doesn't mind spending a few bucks, and one for the guy who knows that style comes at any price.

Source: 21 Things Every Man Should Have in His Closet | Details