MFB Daily 11th September 2015


The Fashion News You Need To Know.

1.How To Pull Off The Ultimate Clean Shaven Look. So, if you, too, are deciding to bid farewell to your beard, we say you shave it appropriately and do it in style. Here’s how you pull off the hot, new clean shaven look! Read More

2. How to behave yourself in an art gallery. There is an undefined decorum within the confines of an art gallery. Here's a brief outline of the rules, based on the most commonly asked questions fielded by gallerists. Read More

3. 5 ways to wear Prints this Fall. Fall marks the transition from summer into winter and is usually that time of the year when we mothball away our breezy and vivid summer clothes and bring out the dark and bulky winter set. But now that Jon Snow is (spoiler) dead and we don’t have anyone haranguing us about the impending cold, I think you can still get away with wearing prints this Fall. Read More

4. A 5 Step Guide To Taking Care Of Your Watches. Watches require a lot of care and attention if you want them to look like they did when you first opened the box. They’re expensive collectors’ items—an investment of sorts—which is why taking great care of them is absolutely essential. Take a look at these 5 tips that are simple enough to follow regularly while being effective too. Read More

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