100+ Male Hairstyle & Haircut Ideas You Can Try Now

Male hairstyles & haircut post is a  collection of 100+ coolest hairstyles curated from all around the world. We're a huge fan of cool mens haircuts and hairstyles. Almost every single day we cover some of the coolest guys hairstyles on this blog to help you look sharp. 

There are many different types of male hairstyles & haircuts, let's look at some of the most popular ones here. 

  1. Fade and Taper
  2. Low Fade
  3. High Fade
  4. Mid Fade
  5. Bald / Skin Fade
  6. Undercut
  7. Pompadour
  8. Disconnected Pompadour
  9. Quiff
  10. Comb Over
  11. Slicked Back
  12. Buzz Cut
  13. Crew Cut
  14. Faux Hawk
  15. Fringe
  16. Side Part
  17. Spiky
  18. Top Knot
  19. Man Bun

We've covered most hairstyles that a guy can sport. Your hairstyle and your face shape have a strong correlation. You'll look sharper if your hairstyle is completing your face shape. 

Unlike female hairstyle, some of the male hairstyles are tougher to maintain. I know that sounds strange but it's a fact. Hairstyles like a pompadour, faux hawk takes a lot o your time in the morning to comb it properly. 

Now, let's look at each of the hairstyles quickly. 


Tapered cuts are where the hair is longer at the top and then gradually gets shorter down the back and sides of the head. 

Fade (High fade, Low fade, medium fade)

Fade haircuts can best be described as no hair at the sides and back of the head, but graduates into more hair as you move to the top of the head.


The hair on the top of the head is long and parted on either the side or centre, while the back and sides are buzzed very short.


A hairstyle with the hair brushed back from the forehead to stand straight up without parting. 


The quiff is a British term that means a prominent piece of hair on a man that is brushed up and back from the forehead. A prominent piece of hair called a forelock is an example of a quiff.

Slicked Back / Comb Over

Slicked back or comb over hairstyles is treated with a wet-look gel and combed straight back

Buzz Cut

A buzz cut is any of a variety of short hairstyles usually designed with electric clippers. Buzz cut styles include the butch cutcrew cut, flattop and ivy league. ... Buzz cuts are popular with men and boys who want a short, low-maintenance hairstyle and also for those with thinning or receding hairlines. Via

Faux Hawk

A fauxhawk copies the style of a mohawk, but without shaving the sides of the head and not extending past the peak of the cranium. ... A fauxhawk where the hair down the centre of the head is longer than the hair on the sides

Top Knot / Man Bun

A bun is a type of hairstyle wherein the hair is pulled back from the face, twisted or plaited, and wrapped in a circular coil around itself, typically on top or back of the head or just above the neck.

Now, that we learned about most of the hairstyle types, let's check out the hairstyle inspiration. We've curated 100+ coolest male hairstyles for you today. We are sharing these photos in no.particular order. 

100+ Male Hairstyle Ideas For You

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